January 11, 2013 –

It’s that time of year where there will be quite a few new home buyers looking for homes. Conventional wisdom has been that the best time to put your house on the market for sale is during spring and summer. However, this is not true.  The best time to sell is during what is known to be the slower season. Perhaps the desire to purchase a new home is due to a new year’s resolution or maybe it’s because of a job transfer. Whatever the reason, buyers are out there looking for a new home.

Low Real Estate Inventory

Unfortunately, real estate inventory is low because sellers are waiting until spring to list. The best thing that a person can do is list while there is very little competition. Your home will be a rare find that could possibly command a bit more for the sale price since there will not be other homes against which buyers can compare.  It’s all about supply and demand. The more homes there are on the market during the spring, the more you will have to compete against what other sellers are offering.

The Best Season to Sell

Therefore, spring is not always the time to sell.  You can beat being caught in the rush market by listing your home with a professional realtor.  Buyers are looking for homes like yours to hit the market and once they find the home they are looking for, the timing will work in your favor.

When is the best season to list your home for sale? The best season is now.

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