May 24, 2013 –

If you are looking at Woodstock or Alpharetta real estate, you may have noticed more listings of homes for sale. Summer is practically here, and it is the busy season for buying and selling homes. On the one hand, summer offers buyers more options, but on the other, home prices are generally a bit higher during this time. So should you buy a house in the summer? Take a look at some of the pros and cons.

Pros of buying a home during the summer

In addition to the greater inventory to choose from, many families make their move during the summer to lessen the impact on the kids. Moving when kids are out of school for summer vacation means they won’t have to change schools in the middle of the academic year, and the freedom of summer will allow them to get to know other children in the neighborhood so they will already have some friends once school rolls around.

Cons of buying a home during the summer

While there are some very practical reasons to buy a home during the summer, especially if you have children, there are some other factors to take into consideration as well. Be aware that people list their homes in summer partially because that’s when they look best- the lushness of trees, bushes, and flowers can go a long way to making a home look good. Make sure to look past the landscaping and really see the house you’re thinking of buying.

The hot temperature we experience here in the north Atlanta suburbs can disguise problems you might otherwise see, like water damage from a leaky roof or drainage problems in the yard. As always, it’s important to hire a good home inspector and to work with an experienced Woodstock Realtor to make sure you’re choosing a house you will love.

But despite the pros and cons of buying a home in the summer, the most important question to ask is “Am I ready to buy a house?” If the answer is yes, you should go for it! Take advantage of the low-interest rates and let us get you into a home you will love. To explore Woodstock and Alpharetta homes for sale, visit our listings.

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