August 22, 2013 –

The inventory of Woodstock and Alpharetta real estate is quite low right now, giving sellers the upper hand in negotiations. However, there are some features so dated that many home buyers consider them a deal-breaker. Don’t lose the power position in negotiations; a few strategic upgrades can help your Woodstock or Alpharetta home sell quickly for a great price.

Dated real estate deal breakers

Dark paneling or cabinets- Dark wood paneling or an entire kitchen of dark wood cabinets can make the space feel much smaller than it actually is. Painting the paneling or cabinets a light color can make a huge difference. Crisp white is a classic and can make the space feel larger instantly.

Tiny bathrooms and closets– It may be worth remodeling in order to improve the layout and storage options in your home. Today’s homeowners prize storage space and would rather have fewer, larger rooms than lots of small rooms. You may be able to borrow space from a landing to increase the bathroom or combine two small closets to create a walk-in closet.

Popcorn ceilings- There are few home finishes as dated (and hated) as the acoustic ceiling, also known as a “popcorn” ceiling for the distinctive texture. These ceilings scream 1980’s and are a pain to remove, since they can contain asbestos. If you have popcorn ceilings in your house, you should definitely consider professional popcorn ceiling removal.

If you are ready to list your Woodstock or Alpharetta home for sale, contact The Premier Group! We have years of experience in the north Fulton, Cherokee, and Cobb County real estate markets to help you sell your home fast.

Photo by largestartist via Flickr CC 2.0