Experts say that May is the best month to sell your home. Families are looking to move because the school year is almost over, curb appeal is enhanced (thanks to Mother Nature), and many potential buyers have extra cash in their pocket from tax returns. To take advantage of the hot sellers’ market, consider these five tricks to sell your home:

  1. Sweeten the Deal – Who doesn’t love walking into a home that smells like grandma’s chocolate chip cookies? Bake a batch of cookies an hour before the house is going to be shown so the smell lingers in the air. (Earn additional brownie points by leaving the cookies out for a snack.)

  2. Light It Up – Walking into a well-lit home will help the potential buyers see what their home may look like if they lived there. Using lamps instead of overhead lights can help calm people’s nerves and help them feel comfortable.

  3. Keep It Fresh – If it’s a beautiful day, crack several windows to let fresh air in. This will help circulate the air and take the fresh-baked cookie smell that much farther. Plus, fresh air is really good for the body!

  4. Set the Tone – For many people, listening to music is a relaxing way to de-stress from their day. We suggest playing instrumental music at a low-volume level.

  5. Clean It Up – Before your potential buyer arrives, vacuum one more time and wipe down the kitchen countertops. A clean home shows people that you take good care of your home. (Additionally, you can stage your home to increase your home’s selling value!)

These tips are great tricks to help sell your home. But, you also need to call the professionals! Whether you are a buyer, seller, investor, or developer, The Premier Group can help. Contact us today!

Photo by Alturas Homes from Pexels