Spring may officially be starting on March 20th, but winter has been hanging around like an unwelcome houseguest here in the Woodstock area. A little greenery is just what we’ve been craving here at The Premier Group, and there’s no better way to add that to your real estate listings than with fresh flowers!

Fresh flowers aren’t just beautiful. They create a welcoming environment, add interest and create conversation, and of course, make the room smell lovely and inviting. They’re especially good in the entryway but can work in almost any room. Here are a couple of tricks to make the most of greenery in your listings.

First of all, colors are important when considering flowers. Bright colors such as citrusy yellows and oranges will liven up a space and make guests feel energized, which makes them great for an entryway, living room, or dining room. Save the softer tone of blues and lavenders for bedrooms to give these rooms an air of tranquility.

Remember not to overwhelm the space. Just like with holiday decorations, you want flowers to be a charming accent that compliments the property, not the only thing potential buyers remember. All flowers are not created equal!  Make sure the plants you select are fresh and healthy. It may be in your best interest to purchase professional arrangements from a local florist. They can design arrangements to enhance the listing, and professional arrangements often last longer than grocery store flowers.

Take your time with your arrangements, as you would any part of staging, and you’ll find that flowers will freshen up your real estate listings for spring and beyond!